fabric scrap garland

How To Make A Fabric Scrap Garland

I videotaped this tutorial a little while ago but never posted it on the blog til now.  I made this garland before Thanksgiving so it’s Fall themed but you can make it with any theme in mind.  I plan to make one for Christmas before too long. This fabric garland is very easy to make.  The only skill it takes… Read More
my top 5 flea market collectibles

My Top 5 Flea Market Collectibles

I love antiques.  I guess you could really say I just love old things.  Some of my old things aren’t necessarily antiques, they’re just old.  Anyway, I love looking for old stuff but not at fancy antique stores.  My favorite places to look are flea markets and little hole in the wall shops with so much junk it’s literally spilling… Read More
bathroom makeover

My Bathroom Makeover Remodel Part 1

Remodels are tough.  How do I know?  We’ve remodeled almost every room in our house.  They are messy, dusty and pretty much a pain in the butt.  And did I mention how disruptive they are to everyday life?  But once they’re finished you forget how horrible the whole process was.  You’re happy to finally have the new improvements you’ve worked… Read More