Choosing the Perfect Planner

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choosing the perfect planner

Everyone has an obsession, right?  Well I have one, okay well maybe like twenty.  One of these obsessions is date planners.  There is just something about them I love.  Several years ago my sister and I went looking for the perfect planner and we realized that none really existed.  At least that’s what we thought.  See, we only looked in stores and at the time there was nothing that fit the style we were looking for.  Even though we each have our own style and way of doing things we both came up empty when it came time to purchase one.

choosing the perfect planner

Finding the Perfect Planner

Then a couple of years ago I was on a mission again to find the perfect planner.  I spent countless hours online researching different ones, watching youtube videos and reading tons of reviews.  Enter the Erin Condren planner.  Yes!  This! This is what I’ve been looking for!  Who doesn’t want to design their own planner?  As someone who loves all things creative, planning out my planner (see what I did there?) was so cool.  You choose which type of planner you want and then choose the cover design you like.  And they are gorgeous!  Next you choose your layout and whether you want a twelve or eighteen month planner.  Then you can decide if you want to personalize the front.  Lastly you can add on special accessories at the end but beware, everything adds up quickly.  In total I spent around $50 for my planner.  That’s a lot more than your everyday big box store date book but everything about the Erin Condren planner is top notch.  The cover, the paper weight and feel and the coil, it all makes a gorgeous planner.

I love a gorgeous planner!

If you’re liking the E.C.  planner but want a somewhat cheaper alternative that’s just as functional but is still able to be personalized then check out Plum Paper.  I have ordered from P.P. twice and loved both planners.  The ordering process is about the same.  You choose the style planner you want and from there you pick your cover design.  Plum Paper offers tons of beautiful designs and you can really do a lot to personalize the front.  Like the E.C. planner you pick the layout you want (there are 6 different options!) and you can choose what month to start the planner in.  When you’re finished you can continue shopping for add-ons like extra note pages, to do pages and even a fitness planning or blog planning section just to name a few.  There are lots of very useful add-ons but they definitely run the cost of the planner up.  Still I loved the ability to add on those extras and even had some dispersed throughout the planner.  I paid around $40+ for each of mine.

choosing the perfect planner

Last year I decided to pick a planner from our local craft store.  I chose The Happy Planner from me & my BIG ideas.  I got mine on sale so it was only a fraction of what I’d spent on the others but I wasn’t able to choose all the neat personal options.  Even though I couldn’t order it to my exact specifications The Happy Planner offers tons of extras to make your planner feel like you did.  This planner does not come with the nice wire coil that E.C. and P.P. do, instead it has little discs that are interchangeable to suit your taste.  There are lots of cute and useful accessories and adding or removing pages is a breeze.  This planner worked so well for me that I decided to buy another one to use this year.

There are so many options when choosing a planner.

There are so many options out there in the planner world today.  I would buy any of the three I wrote about again.  Of course the Erin Condren and Plum Paper planners are top quality and will hold up well with everyday use.  I still wouldn’t hesitate getting another Happy Planner though because with all the extras offered in-store I can customize it into something special and the accessories are readily available.  One other thing to keep in mind, all three of these planners have a divided spine.  Two are coil bound and one is disc bound which does add bulk and may be considered annoying by some.  While they all lie flat it can be a pain to write right next to the center coil/discs.  Just something to keep in mind.  Which planner do you use and why do you love it?

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