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how to choose the perfect vanity

Remodeling can be so time consuming, especially when you’re doing it yourself.  Sometimes life gets busy or funds get low and you just need to put it on hold for awhile which is kinda where we’re at right now.  We’ve painted, installed a new floor and toilette and replaced our tub.  You can read about it here and here.  We’re trying to decide what to do with our tub/shower background.  Meanwhile, there is progress elsewhere and I’m so excited to show it to you!

My vanity is finally installed and I’m so happy with it.  It took me forever to pick one.  We ended up choosing one from Home Depot that had to be ordered online.  We had it delivered to the store for free and picked it up when it came in, which was a couple of weeks later.  I was a little nervous about how it would look in real life, especially the marble top but thankfully the coloring is perfect.  This is the one we ordered:

choosing a bathroom vanity

Some of the reviewers complained about the marble top but I like the warm, light brown  veins  running through the white slab because it brings in more of the warmth that I wanted and looks great with the rubbed bronze faucet and knobs we purchased separately.  The knobs were the one thing I knew I wanted to change when I ordered the vanity.  Knobs and pulls are items that can usually be replaced.  So if you find a vanity you like but hate the knobs, know that it’s a pretty easy fix.

A thing I love about this vanity is that it looks like a piece of furniture because of the pretty legs.  Downside about having a vanity off the floor?  Cat toys find their way under it and have to be retrieved by us.  Not really a big deal.

choosing a bathroom vanity

Vanity buyer’s guide for the indecisive shopper

Okay, there are tons of vanities out there online which is great!  But that means you can only see them in pics not in real life which is a bummer.  I looked at these four websites to compare, read reviews and try to gain an idea of what I was really looking for.

  • Lowes
  • HomeDepot
  • Wayfair
  • Houzz

Keep these things in mind when looking for the perfect vanity.

*Check multiple websites to compare prices!  Shop around for the best price.  This means looking at extra costs, too.  Find out if you’ll pay more for special orders, delivery or even having the item carried into your home.

*What kind of top do you want?  I really wanted dark granite but ended up choosing light marble.  Granite, quartz, solid surface, marble, laminate and tile are the most popular materials for countertops but you can also try wood or concrete.  Do your research, each type of material has pros and cons so make sure you know what you’re getting.  For instance I knew when I chose marble that I would likely end up with permanent water marks but I chose it anyway.  Most natural stone counters need to be sealed every so often so be sure to check with your seller to find a sealer they recommend.  That goes for cleanser, too.  Only use a cleanser which is specifically recommended to clean the actual countertop.

*Speaking of tops, do you want a vanity that already has a counter attached or will you be buying them separately?  Ours came attached and it was HEAVY!  Keep that in mind if you’re lugging this baby up a flight of stairs!!  Most vanities that come with the counter attached also have the sink bowl installed, which saves the hassle of having to do it yourself.

Size matters!

*Size matters!  I went from a 24″ vanity to a 45″ vanity and the extra storage is awesome!  My old vanity did not have any drawers so I wanted needed drawers in the new one.  I also knew my daughters needed more room on the countertop.  The larger top is great.  Downside to having all the extra counter space for us?  The cats love to lay on it and have managed to turn the water on by themselves.  Hopefully you won’t have this problem.

*Where do your pipes come from?  My pipes come up from the floor so there was no way I could get a vanity with a full size bottom drawer.  Also, because my old vanity was so narrow my pipes were closer to the side wall than we would’ve liked.  We thought we figured out a way to be able to order a larger vanity without moving the pipes which made us super happy.  There are a few complete vanities and/or countertops you can purchase that come with the sink bowl off center.  This was the answer to my prayers–at first.

choosing a bathroom vanity

Unfortunately for us, the cabinet I had my heart set on was an oddball size.  Tops with the sink on the left side of the counter only came in a few sizes and none of them would work with that cabinet.  Luckily we found the vanity we ended up with.  The height of the legs gave us enough clearance to divert our pipes a few inches.  Enough to be able to go with a center bowl.

For those folks with pipes that come out from the wall you shouldn’t have too many issues just make sure you have clearance between your pipes and the bowl.

choosing a bathroom vanity

My bathroom is relatively small and I ended up losing floor space by choosing a larger vanity.  Luckily my kids decided they’d use their own hampers instead of one in the bathroom.  That will save floor space but whether it works down the road, we’ll have to see.  With their bath not finished they’ve been getting showers in my bathroom and they certainly don’t have a problem leaving their clothes on my floor.

The biggest issue with this bathroom is the lack of storage.  We have no linen closet so I had to decide if losing storage in a small cabinet across from the vanity could be made up with the new larger vanity.  Time will tell but I’m trying to implement other multipurpose storage solutions as well.

One of those solutions is this cute metal basket I found on Amazon.

choosing a bathroom vanity

Not only can the girls use it to hang their towels on but I can store extra towels on top.  I keep extra toilet paper rolls there, too.

choosing a bathroom vanity

So things are progressing slowly but surely.  Next time I’ll show you how I transformed my plain black mirror into one that compliments my rubbed bronze hardware.


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