First Friday Faves July

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first friday faves july

This month’s faves are:

  1. Cirépil Blue Wax
  2. Pampered Chef Large Scoop
  3. Consumer Cellular

My first fave this month is Cirépil Blue Wax.  Every year when pool season rolls around I like to get my “Spring Clean Up” underway if you know what I mean.  I’m not necessarily a wax newbie as I’ve used two or three other brands over the years.  For those of you that have waxed before you know how painful it can be.  I thought that’s how it was supposed to be, until I tried this awesome wax.  I decided to try it after reading a ton of glowing reviews online.

first friday faves july

Past waxing experiences haven’t always been successful.  Before trying the Cirépil, which is a heated wax, I used a cold wax.  Ouch!  That was probably the most traumatic memory in recent years.  Prior to the cold wax I had used another heated wax along with reusable tear strips.  Basically you applied the wax in the direction of the hair growth, lay the cloth strip over the wax smoothing it down, waiting a minute or so then ripping the strip off in the opposite direction.  Pain level?  Let’s just say I had my hubby pull the strip off as I screamed into a pillow.  Yes, that bad, but just for a minute or so.  I actually used this method for a couple of years!

As I mentioned the cold wax was even worse!  I found that with the cold wax I was not getting as good of result which left me to do the unthinkable – re-wax an area I had just waxed.  That is a no-no unless you’re using a more gentle wax.  I was using the cold wax on my armpit and it did not come off cleanly.  The cold wax, like the warm wax I used prior, relied on cloth strips to remove the hair.  I decided to apply another strip and try to get the remaining hair off and I truly thought I had ripped my skin off, too.  I ended up using a depilatory afterwards because my skin was way to sensitive for even a razor!  The whole thing was just a horrible nightmare.

Waxing doesn’t have to be painful

So last Summer I knew I needed to find something gentle, something that I could find easily and something that really worked and that’s when I discovered Cirépil.  Unlike those waxes I had used in the past, the Cirépil does not require cloth or muslin strips.  You warm the container, (I purchased a Gigi warmer and a bottle of azulene oil online when I bought the wax) apply the wax leaving a small lip on the side you’ll be pulling away from and when the wax hardens slightly you pull it off.  I was amazed, not only did it hurt less, it was pretty darn good at ripping every little hair out.

first friday faves july

I am so glad I found this wax.  Now the only thing I dread about waxing is growing out my armpit hair!  For those of you that haven’t waxed before there are some great videos on Youtube that show you what to do.  I can NOT do it myself.  My husband is my ripper and I would recommend you get someone to help you until you decide if this is something you can do yourself.  I still hide my face in a pillow and scream but I think it’s because of the anticipation of the rip and not necessarily the pain of the rip.

Oh how I love my Pampered Chef Large Scoop.  First I want to start off by saying that I do not work for or sell Pampered Chef, I just own practically every kitchen device they make and I use them.  I have all three sizes in the scoops but use the large one the most.

first friday faves july

The scoop sells for around $19 which may seem like a lot but I’ve had mine for years and I find myself constantly reaching for it so I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth.  The scoop is equivalent to about 3 tablespoons if you’re wondering but I don’t use it to measure, I use it to scoop.  It’s dishwasher safe, too.

first friday faves july

Some of the things I use the scoop for are ensuring even sized cookies when baking, filling cupcake tins and scooping cute dollops of whipped cream onto desserts.  You can use it to serve mashed potatoes, cornbread or even puddings and mousse.

Stop Paying Too Much For Cell Service

My last fave of the month is such a goody!!  I have never been tied to a cell phone provider in my life.  My family has never had a contract with any of the big four companies nor do we ever plan to.  Our very first cell phones were Tracfones.  We were amazed that we could buy an inexpensive phone and pay only $20/three months to own a cell phone.  But as great as that was (we were cell phone newbies, okay?) we started to outgrow those boundaries.  With me and my direct sales businesses and two tween girls who wanted to be able to text their friends it became apparent that we needed more.

I’m sure you’ve seen those Consumer Cellular commercials on TV, the ones with the older couple who travel but want to stay connected to their friends and family?  I really thought that only retired people or senior citizens could sign up for Consumer Cellular.  Turns out that anyone can sign up but A.A.R.P. members receive a discount.  Thankfully I went online and did what I love to do, researched the heck out of it and every other no-contract provider.

first friday faves july

I knew I didn’t want a provider that used store-bought cards added monthly or even at all.  I wanted one that operated like a typical contract plan but didn’t actually use contracts and didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  The network was important, too.  And I wanted to be able to bring my own phone, a Motorola Moto X that I was getting ready to purchase.  Seemed like a pretty tall order but after comparing various choices one stood out and that was Consumer Cellular.

So Who Would Benefit From Using Consumer Cellular?

Anyone who isn’t a slave to data.  Let’s take a closer look at this.  A lot of people have plans that offer unlimited data and that’s fine if you use a ton of it.  My family, and we’re talking the four of us,  including two teenagers share 10 GB of data between us.  Some folks may look at that and freak out but my kids know that if we are somewhere that offers free WiFi they should use it.  We are not making payments or using personal info 99.9% of the time so I feel okay doing that and thankfully we’ve never had any issues.

first friday faves july

So we have 10 GB and we’ve only ever gone over that once.  What I love about Consumer Cellular is that if you do go over your plan’s amount they automatically upgrade you to the next level.   Because we have the highest data plan that meant we would be charged $5 for each extra GB.  No biggie.  And if you are nearing the end of your usage month, which is different from the actual calendar month, you can downgrade your plan to pay less.  An average month for us is sharing 10 GB of data, unlimited texts and voice using AT&T’s network.  We pay less than $120 a month for the four of us and we all have smartphones.  We have never had issues with dropped calls or roaming charges or any of the other annoying things that may go with pay by card providers.

Consumer Cellular offers a decent amount of options when it comes to texts, voice and data.  The first line is included and each additional line added to the plan costs $15/month.  You can choose 250 minutes of talk for $15 or unlimited for $20 per month.  All data plans include unlimited texts.

  • 250 MB/month for $5
  •  1G for $10/month
  • 3G for $20/month
  • 5G for $30/month
  • 10G for $40/month.

I know people who pay over three times that much for their cell service!  Are we giving anything up to save so much money?  Like I said before, yes, we know we have to be careful with our data but none of us feel like we can’t do what we want with our phones.  Will I let my kids watch Netflix on their phone?  NO!  Unless we’re home or they’re on WiFi.  It’s not that big of a deal to us.

Another quick thing to note, Consumer Cellular does offer smartphones to buyers.  You can pay monthly or buy outright.  They’ve really stepped up their game and offer some of the newest and best phones on the market today.  If you already have an unlocked GSM phone that you love you can still bring it with you.  You can even transfer your phone number.  If you’re tired of paying an arm and a leg for cell service, if you’re not a slave to data or if you’ve never had a cellphone because you didn’t think you could afford one (I’m talking about the in-laws here!)  I urge you to check out Consumer Cellular to see if you think it’ll work for you.

first friday faves july


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