First Friday Faves – August

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first friday faves august

This month’s faves:

  1. göt2b Glued Styling Spiking Glue
  2. Pentel EnerGel Liquid Gel Pens
  3. Old Navy Flip Flops

I’ve been a fan of big hair since the ’80s and even though I’m older and wiser I still like my hair to have big volume.  Only nowadays my hair is way shorter and sprinkled with a bit of grays.  Back in the day we relied on Aqua Net hairspray to keep our sky high ‘dos from moving an inch.  Unfortunately it pretty much shellacked your whole head giving you white flakes if you tried to comb through it.  And if by chance you did mess up your style there was no saving it.

Well I found another hairspray that holds as well but doesn’t come with the nasty smell or white flakes.  But that’s a different story.  I’m here today to tell you how I go about getting my volume without having to shellac my head.  I’ve been using göt2b’s Glued Styling Spiking Glue for about five years and I’ve not found any product that holds my style like it does.

first friday faves august

If I tried to keep volume in my hair with just my current hairspray it would never last so that’s where Glued comes to the rescue.  I use it on dry hair directly at the roots when backcombing my hair with my fingers and it sticks.  Instant volume!  I finish my hair with hairspray but I’d never get and keep the lift without Glued.  When styling, start with a small amount and rub it between your fingers or hands and work into hair.  Use more if needed.  Too much can make your hair crunchy and greasy looking so start small.  It washes out easily and I haven’t noticed any buildup but I do use a buildup removing shampoo every other week or so.

first friday faves august

I keep my hair short and it works great for that length so I can’t comment on it’s performance with medium or long hair.  If you have short hair that needs a lift or if you like a spiky look but can’t find a product that provides lasting power you need to try Glued!

My second fave…

My second fave this month is a pen I tried a couple years ago and loved and more recently bought for my left handed 10th grader.  Pentel EnerGel Liquid Gel Pens have quick drying ink which is perfect for lefties but I love it because of how smooth and precise they are.  They glide over my paper never smudging, glopping or skipping.  I love the 0.7mm ball tip, it’s sharp enough for tight spots but not so fine that it looks like chicken scratch.

first friday faves august

I’m a blue ink gal but I’m a sucker for pretty colors, too so I have the assorted colors pack, also.  One of the best things about these pens is that you can buy the ink refills when they run dry.  I’d recommend these to anyone who loves collecting pens (ME!) and definitely lefties.

My last fave…

My last fave of the month?  Flip flops from Old Navy.  It’s as if Summer can’t begin until we go to Old Navy and buy our flip flops every year.  Okay, there’s nothing special about the flip flops themselves, maybe it’s just the tradition that’s special.  You know what it’s like… walking in and seeing the rainbow of flip flop goodness.  You stand in awe looking up at all the colors and sizes hanging on the wall, debating which ones you’ll be taking home with you that day.

first friday faves august

And you know you gotta get at least two pairs because they’re always running the 2 for $5 special.  I don’t even care about the $1 sale, myself.  Who wants to stand in line for three hours to save a couple of bucks on them?  Not me.  I hate saying that but there are other things I’d rather be doing so I don’t mind skipping that sale.

first friday faves august

Still, I have to admit, they are seriously a Summertime staple at my house.  I mean who doesn’t love to have them around to slip into when you gotta run somewhere quick, take out the dogs or walk out to get the mail?  And if you break one?  You just run back to Old Navy and buy two more pairs!  We love our flip flops and would be lost without them.


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