First Friday Faves – February

first friday faves february

This month’s faves:

  1. Kaywos Cloth
  2. Zote Soap
  3. Pentel Hi-Polymer Erasers

Kaywos Cloth

My first fave was an unexpected discovery.  I was at A.C. Moore months ago and saw this cloth that claimed to clean without streaking in the checkout line so I grabbed one.  I can’t remember exactly what I paid, I think $3 or $4 maybe?  I forgot I had it until I found it on my desk recently.  Anyway I finally decided to give it a try and whoa!  It’s pretty darn neat!  Now I’m a huge fan of Norwex products and use their window cloths for cleaning and drying my windows so I wasn’t sure how this would compare.  Let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed.

Like with Norwex, you do not use any chemical cleaners with the Kaywos Cloth.  Where it differs is you only use one Kaywos Cloth.  Norwex uses two cloths, one to clean and one to dry.  It’s not a huge deal to use two cloths over one but what’s neat is that you don’t dry your windows or mirrors after using the Kaywos Cloth!  Crazy right?

When you first take your cloth out of the bag be sure to rinse it thoroughly with water ringing it out a few times.  Ring it out a final time and set off to clean.  I cleaned my bathroom mirror and a couple of windows the first time.  I wasn’t sure what to expect with the mirror because it had toothpaste splatters on it and I was apprehensive about not drying it.  So I wiped the entire surface and walked out of the bathroom.  I wanted to go back in after it was dry to see what it looked like so I waited a couple of minutes then checked it out.

first friday faves february

Guys, the mirror had NO streaks!  I was kind of shocked.  I decided to do a couple of windows just in case I was missing something but I got the same results.  Since then I’ve used it for my microwave, stove front, faucets (I’m weird about spraying chemical cleaner on the part the water comes out in the kitchen) and my glasses.  I’m really happy with the results on everything I’ve used it on.  I’m pretty smitten with this little cloth.  And it’s washable, just don’t use fabric softener with it and let it air dry.

I’m not sure what other places carry the Kaywos Cloth but I know you can find it on Amazon.  I would suggest picking one up to try if you come across it.  It was a total impulse buy for me but I’m so glad I decided to try it.

Zote Soap

My second fave this month is Zote Soap.  This soap reminds me a little of the Fels-Naptha Soap I talked about here.  But I use the Zote in an entirely different way.  I don’t use it for laundry, I use it to clean my makeup brushes.

first friday faves february

It is great at cleaning all the yucky junk out of my brushes and keeps them feeling soft.  I haven’t noticed any stiffness in my bristles after they’ve been cleaned with the Zote.  And it’s super easy to do.  I wet my brush (I do one at a time) then swirl it on the Zote bar.  When I’ve worked up a little bit of a lather I use my fingers to massage the soap into the bristles.  Then I rinse.  I repeat this process 3 times per brush then set the brushes aside to dry on their own.   I love the results!

first friday faves february

You can find Zote Soap at Walmart in the laundry detergent aisle.  It comes in white or pink.  I use the white.  It has a pretty strong scent but I don’t really notice it on my brushes after they’re dry.  Best part is that it’s super duper cheap!

Pentel Hi-Polymer Erasers

My last favorite for February is an eraser.  But not just any eraser.  The Pentel White Hi-Polymer Eraser is hands down the best eraser at getting rid of pencil marks on just about any paper.  Regular erasers are okay at erasing pencil lead but sometimes they don’t get everything or leave marks on your paper.  I hate that!

first friday faves february

For those folks that use pencil for artwork or just about anything else these white erasers are great!  They erase cleanly.  I think they get rid of any lead remnants  better than other erasers and instead of leaving a trail of millions of eraser crumbs you’re left with bigger eraser crumbles which can be wiped away more quickly.

first friday faves february

I used to do a lot of writing/sketching with pencil and then tracing over with sharpies or other markers. The Pentel erasers did an excellent job of erasing the pencil lines I didn’t trace over while not disturbing the marker.  These erasers come in several colors but I prefer and recommend white.  They come in large or small blocks or as eraser caps.  Every crafter and student should have at least one of these erasers.

So there you have this month’s faves.  Have you used any of them?

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