First Friday Faves – January

first friday faves january

This month’s faves are:

  1. Fabri – Tac Adhesive
  2. e.l.f. Eyeshadow Primer
  3. Target Cartwheel

My first favorite product for the year 2019 is an awesome multipurpose adhesive called Fabri- Tac.  Even though this glue is made specifically for fabric it’s actually great for a whole lot more.  I used this glue on hundreds of craft projects over the years and it never let me down.  It’s definitely one of those items to keep on hand in your craft room.

first friday faves january

The staying power of this glue is amazing.  I never had to worry if something was going to come undone or fall off of one of my projects because once dried – nothing was moving.  I love the fact that it goes on clear and dries clear.

There are only two cons to this glue.  The smell is pretty strong!  While it doesn’t leave a harsh odor when dry the smell of the glue is pretty intense straight out of the bottle.  Also, this stuff will kill your manicure.  In all seriousness it may not hurt a professional manicure but it definitely has ruined some of my at home ones in the past.  It’s hard on the topcoat and color so beware!

My next fave is a super cheap one!  It’s e.l.f.’s Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer and it’s only $2!  I’ve used different eye shadow primers over the years and I just recently came back to this one and I’m so glad I did.

first friday faves january

My last primer started irritating my eyes and showing creases so I decided to look around for a new one.  My daughter was using the one from e.l.f. and her eye makeup always looks flawless so when she needed a new one I picked up an extra one for myself.  I had already used this a couple of years ago but switched because I’m always trying different things.

One of my biggest gripes, and it’s pretty much the only one, is that you don’t get a lot of product.  That’s not a deal breaker for me though because at least I know the product will be replaced frequently.  And at $2 a pop it’s no biggie.

first friday faves january

The product itself is very lightweight and silky.  I apply it to my eyelid with the doe foot applicator and gently spread it over my entire lid with my finger.  It covers evenly and dries to an almost powder finish.  It doesn’t leave a tacky feeling like my old primer but still grips the shadow beautifully.  I love how my shadow applies over this primer and lasts all day.  I totally recommend this product if you have problems with your eye shadow’s color payoff and staying power.

My last fave of the month is Cartwheel from Target.  If you haven’t heard of it go grab your phone and download the Target app to get it.  I honestly believe you’re throwing money away if you shop at Target and don’t use Cartwheel.  It’s like using a bunch of coupons on top of their weekly ad. Some savings are manufacturers coupons and others are percentage off offers.

first friday faves january

Here are the ways I use Cartwheel.  If I know I’m going to Target I browse the offers ahead of time and select any item I’m possibly going to purchase.  The amount of offers you can select depends on how much you’ve used Cartwheel.  This is why they track your usage.  The other way to use the app is to physically scan the barcode of each item you’ve shopped for while there.

Let’s start at the beginning.  Do you shop at Target?  If you answered yes, do you have the Target app on your smart phone?  If not you can find it in the App Store or on Google Play.  You’ll need to create an account.  Target will track your purchases so make sure you’re okay with all of the terms and conditions.

first friday faves january

Once you’ve done all the above you’re ready to start saving.  Open the app if it’s not open yet and click on ‘Cartwheel offers’.  There you’ll see each Cartwheel category and if you scroll to the bottom of the page you can check out the Cartwheel Collections. (Groups of offers geared toward specific shoppers.)  When you click on a category all of the items in that category will come up.  You can filter the list by choosing one of the sub-categories running horizontally along the top of the list.  Once you see an item you want to purchase click on the + sign on the right hand side and it will turn into a green check mark. That item will appear on your ‘my list’ section and will be included in the barcode under ‘wallet’.

While shopping you can also click  on the scanner icon in the search bar or of the main page or at the bottom right corner of that page or ‘my list’ page.  Scan the barcode of your item and if that product is in Cartwheel it will automatically add it to your list and if not it may show a similar item that is.  If you can’t scan the barcode on the item itself because it’s awkward or defective you can scan the code on the shelf that shows the product’s price.

first friday faves january

If you want to get rid of an offer you’ve added to your list you can simply click on the check mark beside the item on your list page or double click the item and when it comes up as ‘added’ in green, click on that and it will remove it from your list.

When it comes time to check out you’ll click on ‘wallet’.  Your specific barcode will come up along with any other coupon offers.  Allow the cashier to scan your barcode and bam your savings will come off right then and there.  If you’re using self checkout, scan your barcode with the hand held scanner before you hit pay.  Instant savings!

Do you use any of these faves?  If so, let me know how you like them.


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