Getting Started By Overcoming Your Fears

As someone who has been blogging off and on for the last couple of years I could never learn enough about this craft to even pretend to be an expert but that’s not going to stop me from offering help and advice to those who want to try it.

don't let fear stop you

It’s okay to be scared.

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is the fear factor.  Yes, it is scary to put yourself out there for the whole world to judge you.  What if no one visits my blog?  What if my content doesn’t appeal to anyone?  Where do I even start?  How much money will I have to spend?  These are questions that I’ve asked myself and I’m sure many other bloggers  have asked themselves.  But it’s okay.  It’s okay to be scared.  And it’s okay to be unsure.  Don’t let that fear keep you from starting your dream blog.

don't let fear stop you

I let my fear keep me from starting this very blog for over a year.  While I regret the time I lost I’m glad I finally bit the bullet and eventually did start it.  I know that may be exactly where you are so I’m going to use this category not only to tell you everything I’ve learned but also to give you inspiration.  You CAN do this!


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