Easy Peasy Monkey Bread

easy peasy monkey bread

I come from a family of dessert lovers.  Well, really a family who just loves eating anything remotely resembling a sweet, carb filled after dinner or anytime treat.  I personally love all things gooey, chewy, creamy, dreamy, scooped, fried or baked.  There aren’t too many sweets that I would turn away. One of my favorite snacks to make is Monkey… Read More

Choosing the Perfect Planner

choosing the perfect planner

Everyone has an obsession, right?  Well I have one, okay well maybe like twenty.  One of these obsessions is date planners.  There is just something about them I love.  Several years ago my sister and I went looking for the perfect planner and we realized that none really existed.  At least that’s what we thought.  See, we only looked in… Read More

First Friday Faves – May

first friday faves may

This month’s Faves are: Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri Top Coat Fels-Naptha Laundry Bar and Stain Remover Ever Clean Cat Litter Every week or so I do my own nails, no salon for me.  For those of you who paint your own nails, what’s the worst part of the process?  If you said waiting for them to dry, you’re not alone.  I… Read More

Hamburg Barbecue

sweet and savory hamburg barbecue

My Grandma Neiman made THE best hamburg barbecue ever!  She always made a big pot of it on special occasions.  I remember eating it on Christmas Eve when the whole family would gather at her house.  We would eat supper then everyone would crowd into the living room and open gifts and finally we’d head off to candle light service. … Read More