Quick and Easy Yogurt Parfait

quick and easy yogurt parfait

Sometimes my kids surprise me by asking me for a healthy snack.  Out of both daughters, one likes fruit the other likes vegetables so I guess I should consider that a win?  Well both kiddos like my Yogurt Parfaits.  These are so easy and can be tailored to use whatever fruit you choose.  My two faves are strawberries and blueberries but I only use strawberries for the girls.  Even though I only use my grocer’s generic granola cereal in this recipe any granola can be used.

quick and easy yogurt parfait

This Parfait is such a yummy treat and the best part is you don’t have to feel guilty while enjoying it.

quick and easy yogurt parfait


Yogurt Parfait

An easy, delicious snack you don't have to feel guilty about serving the kiddos.

Course Breakfast, Snack
Keyword parfait, yogurt
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 1 serving


  • 1/3 C Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla Flavored Nonfat Yogurt
  • 4 medium Strawberries - washed
  • 12 medium Blueberries - washed
  • 1/4 C Weis Oats & Honey Granola


  1. In a small cup sprinkle a few pieces of granola on the bottom.

    Add yogurt over granola.

    Next, chop 3 of your strawberries into chunks and add to cup.

    Add blueberries and combine all fruit with yogurt.

    Finally, add the granola topping and garnish with the remaining strawberry

Quick and easy yogurt parfait

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