Sweet and Salty S’mores

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With Summer in full swing there is nothing we love more than to end our week with a bonfire.  Not just any bonfire but a fire in our homemade oil tank fire pit.  You can read how we made it here.


Anyway, the last time we were hanging out around the fire the girls decided they wanted s’mores and of course I was out of graham crackers.  I’m so glad I was because I found a new campfire treat I like better than regular s’mores.

sweet and salty smores

Who doesn’t love a sweet and salty combo?

S’mores are good, don’t get me wrong but sometimes I think they get a little sickening.  I can only eat one and then I’m done.  This new version could become a little addicting I’m afraid as it combines salty and sweet and who doesn’t love that combo?!

sweet and salty smores

So here’s what you’ll need:

Marshmallows, Hershey Chocolate Bars and Ritz Crackers.  The crackers keep this treat out of the sickening zone.  I make mine with one roasted marshmallow and three chocolate sections sandwiched between two crackers.  De-Lish!  Now I do have to tell you that the adults around the fire pit preferred these over regular s’mores but the kiddos would have rather eaten them the old-fashioned way.  That still didn’t stop them from eating a few though.

sweet and salty smores

We like roasting food on the fire, especially marshmallows and hotdogs and it took awhile to find something sturdy and reusable to put them on.  If you’re looking for sticks to roast with check these out.  From now on whenever we buy the ingredients for s’mores I will definitely be picking up a box of Ritz Crackers!  Try it the next time you’re sitting around the campfire.

sweet and salty s'mores


48 thoughts on “Sweet and Salty S’mores

  1. We love Smores but cannot have pork so we have used the vegan marshmallows which are not as sweet. I love the Ritz idea…. adding salt with the chocolate is a great idea!

  2. Okay, I am totally trying this! I too love S’mores but find I can’t even finish one because they are so sweet. Next time we use the firepit, I’m giving this recipe a go – thanks for sharing!

    1. I’ve actually roasted marshmallows over my gas stove when we couldn’t do it outside and they’re just as good, lol.

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