Welcome To My Journey With Weight Watchers

welcome to my journey with weight watchers

Welcome to my journey with Weight Watchers!  Have you ever tried it?  I have.  This will be my third time using the plan.  Don’t take that as two times failing but as a way to get back on track when I fell off the wagon.  To find out where I’m going let’s look at where I’ve been.

The beginning…

I have never had a weight issue.  As a kid I was pretty average in the weight department and that continued throughout my teen years.  Back in the day we kids were pretty active, riding our bikes almost everyday or taking walks here and there.  We had gym class where we played basketball, soccer or ran track so we always got some sort of exercise or physical activity throughout the week.  My weight ran steady for years.

When I was around twenty years old I got mono (second time), strep throat and tonsillitis at the same time.  I could not swallow anything.  I remember how even swallowing saliva was next to impossible.  The only thing I ate was ice and water with the pills my doctor prescribed.  I longed for food so badly that I hated watching food commercials and even got mad at my husband (boyfriend at the time) for eating a sub in front of me.  As a result I lost a ton of weight that month.

I weighed 95lbs when I got married twenty five years ago.  Can you believe that I thought I looked fat back then?  Well over the years I gradually put on some weight but never so much that I felt unhealthy.  I had two babies and eventually lost all of the weight from the first and most from the second.  Everything was steady until six or seven years ago.  I somehow managed to gain enough weight that I felt unhappy with my appearance.

Starting Weight Watchers

It was at this point that I joined WW for the first time.  My mom and sister also joined so we kind of had each other to keep ourselves on track.  I lost my desired amount of weight pretty easily and eventually stopped tracking manually because I was maintaining.  Fast forward to three years ago and there I was again.  I had gained weight and was at my heaviest since I had my kids.  I knew I had to start back up on WW again because I had such great success the first time.

So I signed up right around Valentine’s day back then.  The new plan was great and I loved being able to track my points on my phone.  This made it so much easier to follow the plan because I didn’t need to cart a tracking booklet around.  And I could scan product barcodes to get point info right at the store!  So much easier than paging through the book!  Once again the weight loss happened pretty easily and within 6 – 8 months.  Over that time I had lost almost 30 pounds!  I was ecstatic!

welcome to my journey with weight watchers

Fast forward to the last couple of weeks.  I’ve really been thinking about my weight lately.  I’m not at the point I was three years ago but I know I could get there if I don’t do something.  NOW!  I’ve realized that I’ve become much more sedentary since I’ve been blogging, even though that’s no excuse.  I also have been making horrible food choices.  One of the things I have to state is that I don’t feel like I have a deep down hidden eating disorder.  Some people eat when stressed or bored or sad or whatever but I just like the taste of baked goods.

My family is a carb-loving family.  I could eat donuts, cake, soft pretzels and pretty much anything else in a bakery all day, everyday.  It doesn’t help that I love to bake and I need someone to eat my baked goods – am I the only one eating my stuff?  And ice cream.  That is my weak spot.  It’s one of my favorite foods!!  I can’t help that I just love the taste of some foods and they’re the ones that aren’t good for my waistline.

welcome to my journey with weight watchers

So here is where I’m going to contradict what I said two paragraphs ago.  I’m not going to deny that there may be a mental side to some of this though.  I suffer from anxiety and depression but have taken medication to help.  You know how some people do things to themselves or others to feel like they’re in control?  For instance, I’m supposed to take my medicine everyday but sometimes I won’t.  I know I should but I don’t.  And then the next day comes and I tell myself that I better take my meds again but I don’t.  It’s almost like a battle between good and evil.  Eventually things spiral and I make sure I take them.  Well I feel like I’m kind of that way with food.

I tell myself I shouldn’t eat something but then I’m like, “I can eat this if I want.  I’ll just watch what I eat later.”  It’s kind of similar to someone who drinks.  They know they shouldn’t have that drink but they do it anyway.  I feel like it’s my way of showing that I control what I eat.  Even though I may not be able to control everything I feel this I can control.  And I don’t even know who I’m showing but this is what it feels like to me.  But I know this so I think this is why I’m able to keep things reigned in.  I don’t just go all out binging and everything.  I know my limits.

My new goal…

And all this leads me to where I am today.  Although I may not seem overweight, I’m not where I want to be which is why I chose to do something about it.  So I signed up for WW yesterday with a goal to lose 18lbs.  I have no time limit so I’m not worried about hitting a deadline but it would be nice to be leaner at the beach this Summer.

As far as the plan itself, I hope I can stick with it.  The past plans worked great for me.  I honestly have to say that I’m not a big fan of the new Freestyle plan.  It’s a little too South Beach or Atkins-ish for me.  The focus is on more protein less carbs and sugar which may be good for some but it’s a struggle for me.  One thing about the old WW was the ability to never feel deprived.  I could eat a snack without blowing my points for the day or week.  And I’m talking about a 100 calorie pack of cookies or a granola bar.  I realize they have tons of zero point foods now but that doesn’t mean I want to eat spinach or chick peas for snack.

welcome to my journey with weight watchers

This will be the struggle for me.  Satisfying the carb lover in me but staying within my points will be tough.  23 points ain’t a heck of a lot of points to be splurging with.  So wish me luck!  I’m excited to start up again and ready to track those points!

Do you have a Weight Watchers story?

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